About me

Experience being a test-driver in an automotive printed magazine
Development and creating of the car testing laboratory using special-purpose equipment
Work experience in the official FORD Dealership
Engineer Master degree in automotive industry in Belarussian National Technical University


I offer services such as search and pre-purchase car inspection, as well as computer troubleshooting of your vehicle in Krakow and all over Poland.

Services are provided officially, using professional diagnostic equipment.

Services on search and complete car testing

Damage identification of the car body, car glasses and optical system

Thorough check of the car body using special equipment to identify the car crash history, low-quality repair and corrosion

Checkout of the real mileage

Computer testing of all electronic components of the vehicle for compliance with the declared mileage. Inspection of the steering wheel, pedals and elements of the passenger compartment

Checkout of the engine and its parts

Visual and acoustic inspection of the engine, its parts and technical liquids

Computer diagnostics

Detection of active and stored failures. Checkout of the real mileage. Reading the service records in electronic units

Test drive

Ride-quality testing; testing of the engine operation under load; clutch, suspension and steering inspection

Inspection on the vehicle lift

Thorough check of all suspension components, sills, bottom, silencer to identify any signs of corrosion or defects